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CD Piggy Pigy and a magic postcard full of songs
Tomáš as Pes Egon and his song "REPORTÉRSKÁ"
CD I, Francois Villon
A complete recording of the musical I, Francois Villon presented at the Na Jezerce Theater, where Tomáš played the character of Regnier Montagna.
CD Eugene Onegin
A recording of a concert performance of Sergei Prokofiev's melodrama based on Alexander Sergeyevich Pushkin's novel - Eugene Onegin. Tomas in the role of Lensky.
DVD The Road to the Forest
Tomáš in the role of a lawyer in a film by Tomáš Vorl.
DVD Gympl + Vejška
The first film role - Šprt Martin in the now cult film Gympl and the subsequent second part called Vejška. 2 DVDs.